Registration support

We can provide full registration dossier for any of our plant protection products upon our customers’ request. Agreen’s rich knowledge, substantial experience, and collaboration with leading national research institutions and laboratories make it possible to file up all the necessary papers. These papers include toxicological tests results, material safety data sheets, description of production process etc.

New agrochemical formulations

We can elaborate new formulations to improve efficiency and sustainability of a pesticide. Agreen cooperates with the best specialists in this field. The process starts with description of the purposes (e.g. on which weeds should a new herbicide work), and finishes with testing the stability, efficiency, and sustainability of the new product.


We can make package for your unique brand of any design and material. Sachets, canisters, drums, bottles, measuring cups, labels, boxes, cartons, pallets and more options are available. Materials can be LDPE, HDPE, metal, aluminum foil, paper and more. All packaging is supplied by Agreen’s long-term partners including package manufacturers and printing houses. Package may vary from standard and low-cost to individually designed and expensive, but it is always a high quality and reliable package that is best suitable for agrochemical products.

After-sales support

Agreen takes responsibility for the delivered agrochemical goods and helps to solve any after-sales issues. Agreen’s customers know very well that Agreen is a reliable and a long-term partner who is eager to help the customers’ growth and development for many years. On the other hand, all Agreen’s partner suppliers’ appreciate cooperation based on high standards of business ethics.