We can provide full registration dossier. We make new formulations. We create package for your brand of any design and material. We guarantee reliable after-sales support. 

Dossier is a set of documents that should be prepared by the company-applicant before registering a new agrochemical product. We are experienced in gathering, evaluating and verifying information and documentation including results of toxicological and ecotoxicological tests. 

New formulations is our strong point due to a strong team of colleagues who work together to develop a new specification. Samples are tested in our laboratory to prove stability, effectiveness and safety. Raw materials, active ingredients, formulation and packaged products are thoroughly chosen and tested before producing a commercial batch. 

Packaging is one of the most important processes without which nowadays brands won't survive the competition. Our package varies from 1 gram sachets to 200 liter drums. No matter what is required, an HDPE canister or a metal drum, the package will be appropriate to the type of the formulation, protective, informative, convenient and marketing-friendly. 

After sales support is a core principle of Agreen's corporate culture. We nurture our customers and help them to develop their business. We understand that our future depends on our customers' future and we grow together.