Our partner factories use the most advanced technologies and modern equipment. All pesticides undergo strict production control that guarantees stable quality. 

Pesticides can be toxic substances, that is why a great attention is concentrated on safety. Today's pesticides, when used properly, are very safe. In China where we produce our products the laws dealing with pesticide safety are very strict and will become even stricter in the future. Besides legal restrictions, pesticides are also subject to stringent quality control standards like any other manufactured product. 

Most of our partners are large pesticide manufacturers who have highly developed quality control laboratories that test each pesticide for potency, emulsification, density, color, pH, particle size or suspension. If the company makes more than one pesticide, the product's identity is also verified. All produced pesticides are checked to be stable, easy to apply, and easy to store. Shelf-life must extend past one year, normally it is two or three years. In accelerated tests, the pesticide is subjected to high temperatures for a short period, then checked for effectiveness. The manufacturer keeps files for each raw material, active ingredient, formulation and packaged item, and samples are stored for three years.