We provide any package and labels for your brand

Agreen is keen on an integrated approach to product packaging that includes harmonious combination of primary packaging, secondary marketing packaging, accessories (measuring cups, bottle openers etc.), labels, leaflets, brochures etc.

Almost all of the 1, 5, 10, 20 liter plastic canisters or bottles are ordered at Jiangsu Rotam Boxmore Packaging Co., an international market leader in HDPE, PE as well as a special multi-layer, resistant to strong agrochemical plastic packaging. Of course, we also have partner manufacturers of small packing (sachets or bags starting from 1-gram packing) and metallic containers (50, 100 or 200-liter drums). Due to the special technology of manufacturing and sticking our labels do not come off the canister and do not lose their printing quality during the entire warranty period of plant protection products utilization. We also produce any accompanying marketing goods (safety instructions, manuals and product catalogs) and accessories (e.g. measuring cups and bottle openers).